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We are sorry leading you to this site. We know you want offline feature but we have some commitment. So please download the apk file here and follow the installation guide. Thank you very much.

我們很抱歉帶你到這個網站。 我們知道你想離線功能,但我們有一些承諾。 所以請在這裡下載apk文件並按照安裝指南。 非常感謝你。

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* 安裝圖片進行 *

重要提示:如果在最後一步不能點擊“安裝”。 請重新啟動手機,然後重試。

(你可以使用下載的 .apk 文件,在你的下載管理器中找到它)

* Installation Guide *

Important: If cannot click "Install" on last step. Please restart your phone and try again.

(you can use the downloaded .apk file, find it in your download manager)


All the dramas in this app are publicly free and available on public domains.

We just provide a way to auto stream videos that are uploaded by the officials channels themselves.
All the videos provided in this application has the copyrights of their respective owners. We do not show any live tv.

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